You're Going to Love Going to the Dentist!

Dentists Who Care

Connecticut East Dental Center gives your whole family something to smile about!

At Connecticut East Dental Center, we know a little bit about families. We have them. We are one! Our family-owned and family-oriented practice is proud to serve every generation of your family for a lifetime. We are known for our work with patients of all ages and abilities, and we specialize in calming nervous patients.

Connecticut East Dental Center provides lifelong comprehensive dental care. From counting first teeth and protecting them with an athletic mouth guard, to teeth whitening for your wedding, restoring your smile as you age, and even creating beautiful, comfortable dentures should the need arise, you’ll be getting dental care from the same dentist who has been with your family every step of the way.

Our current patient roster boasts patients from 10 months to 93 years old — kids, parents, and grandparents all visit us for their individual needs. Connecticut East Dental Center is friendly, understanding, and compassionate, competent, clean, and state of the art — you’re going to LOVE going to the dentist!